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December 6, 2017

Greetings 4US players, supporters, contributors, and sponsors,

First I want to start off by saying how elated that we are that in 3 years we have been able to bring an amazing outlet to the city of Atlanta through basketball, advocacy and other sporting outlets. As most of you know this dream was given birth through the eyes of a need in our communities both in Atlanta, and nationwide. To be given spaces that afforded everyone to be appreciated and not just tolerated, and for that I and the board are forever humble in taking on the task of putting together this great athletic outlet that touches not just Atlanta, but has a now nationwide following and doing it on not only a historic weekend but also a massive weekend for the Atlanta community. 

Furthermore, our signature tournament has had a low registration number for our signature MLK weekend tournament this coming January 2018. As a result we are making the hard decision to cancel the tournament. We are sincerely apologetic in having to make this decision, but as most of you know I am very transparent and have always been. I do not believe in putting on events that are under resourced, and financially 4US only banks the money that our teams pay to play which means that we truly only pour our resources into the actual organization. That being said it would put a hard strain on us as an organization to put on the event without being able to field a full tournament experience. 

To our teams who have registered you will be eligible to receive full refund for you already paid funds or offered the option to bank it for the next tournament. Please reach out to our Chief Financial Officer Jefferee Huckleberry at: jefferee.4us.sports@gmail.com to determine your designation. On the flip side of this we have been brewing up some great announcements to come with an awesome turn of events. Again, we truly apologize for the cancelation, and look forward to seeing, working, and helping you all with the next tournament which I will give a brief hint it won’t be in Atlanta as 4US will be hitting the road in 2018!!

Please feel free to reach out to me regarding any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this information at: dedrick_tillerson@4ussports.org or info@4ussports.org or by phone at: (404) 368-9791.


Dedrick Tillerson